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Preliminary Vessel Design for Antwerp Case

23 April 2018

One of the objectives of NOVIMAR is to design vessels, with cargo handling and automation in focus that enables the waterborne transport chain to cover the full length from sea to river to canal and all the way into urban environment. This will require that the multimodal concept is improved with minimum friction in the transfer of cargo between the different modes in order to use the most efficient transport mode for each individual stretch.  

Preliminary Vessel Design for Antwerp Case
For this a study is done assessing the various types of inland and shortsea waterways. An example is a route from Scandinavia to Duisburg. Having insight in these routes and their specific navigational characteristics, three categories of general requirements have been investigated: logistic requirements, technical requirements based on rules and regulations and manning requirements.

With this knowledge the first phase of conceptual ship design has started, which will be continued in the next period with an initial focus on Class II en V RORO/LOLO vessels.  These designs will be used in the NOVIMAR “Antwerp Case”. This case was identified as it represents a major container port in Europe that is very well connected to the Inland Waterway Transport network and to shortsea routes.