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NOVIMAR discussed with Port of Den Helder and Netherlands Coastguard

6 November 2018

NOVIMAR was discussed with representatives of Port of Den Helder and the Netherlands Coastguard during a meeting in Den Helder. Seaport Den Helder is located in the North of The Netherlands and has an open connection to the North Sea and an inland waterway connection to Amsterdam. The Netherlands Coastguard has its headquarters in Den Helder.

After explaining the project scope the discussion focussed on possible future local business opportunities of the Vessel Train concept and the implications of the concept for Traffic Management and safety on the North Sea.

Many commercial activities in Den Helder are at present focussed on the offshore oil and gas industry. In the meantime Port of Den Helder is in the process of developing a strategic view for the near future where opportunities may arise from the development of windfarms and energy-islands on the North Sea.

It was discussed that the Vessel Train – consisting of shortsea ships – could be an enabler for goods transport to these windfarms and islands. In addition it was discussed that NOVIMAR business models could help to reduce the amount of road transport in the congested city centre of Den Helder. This by e.g. offloading and bundling goods at the inland waterway port located at the “Noord Hollands Kanaal” and transporting these goods by vesseltrains directly to the seaport.

From a coastguard point of view the discussion focussed on traffic management and safety aspects. Traffic Management on the North Sea is becoming more and more important due to the increasing number of areas filled with windmills and near future plans for energy-islands. For that reason plans are developed e.g. for the definition of traffic corridors.

At the end of the meeting it was agreed that initiatives like NOVIMAR must be brought to attention of a variety of stakeholders. Options to this in the Den Helder region will be investigated.