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Mid term conference in Brussels

22 November 2019

The NOVIMAR project (in full NOVel Iwt and MARitime transport concepts) is now halfway through the project duration. This project, which is funded by European H2020 resources, focuses on the development of a new logistics concept around the “vessel train”: a convoy of ships, the first of which serves as a lead vessel and which determines the speed and course. The ships behind follow automatically via an electronic control and communication system. As a result, they need less crew at all in the future or they might be sailing for a longer period of time with the same amount of crew.

During the mid-term conference on Thursday, November 21st in Brussels, the balance of the NOVIMAR project was drawn up. The attendees listened to, among others, Robert Hekkenberg, associate professor at TU Delft, and Arno Bons, senior project manager at MARIN. They extensively discussed the economic feasibility of the concept and the underlying technology. There was ample opportunity to ask questions. The project is well on track and, in the preconditions, the goodwill with which insurers approached the innovations outlined was a reason for optimism with a view to social acceptancy.

Realistic simulations with vessel trains have recently been carried out at project partner MARIN. Experienced skippers took their place on the bridge simulator. The aim was to test the control system under different scenarios. Now on dry land, but next year on the water when the demonstrations will take place at the end of 2020. If you want to be part of this, you can register via