Expert reflections on the Vessel Train

In the past years the Vessel Train (VT) concept has been developed ánd applied to three different cases: Rhine, Danube and short sea. For each of these three cases the NOVIMAR team would appreciate an external view and reflection from sector specialists.

Stakeholders are invited to subscribe to either one of the two session: 18th of March (intended for shippers) or 19th of March (intended for barge owners, terminal operators and port authorities).

In these meetings we (the project partners) will present our main findings of the project with a special focus on economic viability. During these meetings, we want to learn from your insights and opinions about the results that we have obtained, and see if and how these developments could be implemented.

A background briefing document is provided (see link below) to ensure all participants are provided with a common starting point.

The meeting will be held online by Microsoft Teams. A dedicated link will be sent seperately.

Session registration is closed.