in-innovative navigation GmbH

Leibnizstrasse 11
70806 Kornwestheim
+49 (0)7154 807 150

in-innovative navigation GmbH – the name of our high-tech company lays claim to performance and high innovative standards, to which we hold ourselves.

Since 1999, we have been developing innovative navigation systems and land-based traffic monitoring systems for the shipping industry, with on-site implementation and integration.

Combining radar sensors, AIS and GPS technology with state-of-the-art computer technology and information processing, we established the use of our software on land, on sea and in the air.

The company was founded by three of its current shareholders, as a spin-off from the University of Stuttgart. Today, we employ over 40 people and provide integrated navigation systems, VTS and CSS solutions, customized hardware & software as well as consulting services worldwide.

“As the leading European manufacturer for integrated Inland-ECDIS navigation systems, we believe that future developments will raise the level of automation and autonomy of ship guidance. Within NOVIMAR we want to contribute our knowledge and experience already at a research level to make navigation easier and safer.”

- Sebastian Wagner, Project Manager