Stichting Netherlands Maritime Technology Foundation

Boompjes 40
3011 XB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)88 44 51 000

Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) is a close-knit, successful network of shipyards, suppliers and service providers who work together to achieve the impossible in all locations and conditions. In the field of maritime technology, these companies – large and small – are always one step ahead in the quest for new challenges and solutions.

Based on a shared pride and passion for the trade, the office organisation underpinning Netherlands Maritime Technology goes the extra mile to facilitate the work of the network in every way possible. Netherlands Maritime Technology serves the interests of the network, provides professional project support, and carries out independent research wherever necessary. There is a particular focus on issues linked to Trade, Innovation and Human Capital.

Together, we help ensure that the Netherlands maritime technology sector remains strong and innovative, and continues to blaze a trail for the rest of the world to follow.

“NMTF believes that the vessel train concept can increase the share of waterborne transport and thus the economic value of the maritime sector.

Through initiating and coordinating innovative research & development projects like NOVIMAR, NMTF positions the maritime industry on the front row when it comes down to the market uptake of new ship and system designs and supporting technologies”

- Marco Scholtens, Innovation Project Manager