Pro Danube Management GmbH

Handelskai 265
A-1020 Vienna
+42 (0)1 890 66 47-11

Pro Danube – The voice for better infrastructure and innovation in Danube Transport

Since its establishment in August 2012, Pro Danube Management GmbH carries out the executive works and activities, including projects preparation and management of the “Pro Danube International” association.
Pro Danube International (PDI) acts as network of private businesses to promote better infrastructure and services which result in a more intensive use of the environmentally friendly inland waterway. PDI adequately represents the “Danube-minded business” in the political debate on transport policy, transport technology and regional development. PDI is a driving force in the development of the Danube as a competitive logistics system that does not compensate or duplicate existing initiatives and other professional associations but integrates and strengthens their activities. Savings in logistics costs due to efficient Danube services will enable the industries of the region to stay competitive in the global economy and will also create jobs and wealth. PDI acts as a competent partner for authorities and administrations by supporting the definition and implementation of policy actions based on the experiences of the private sector.