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414 51 Göteborg
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ScandiNAOS AB is a Swedish marine design consultant company focusing on efficient and sustainable shipping. The objective is to contribute to the development of marine transport systems in order to enable modal shift from land based to waterborne transport. Well designed marine transport systems are superior to road transport when it comes to energy efficiency per transported unit and maximised utilisation of waterborne transport is a necessity to limit the green house gas emissions and the global warming. ScandiNAOS has particular expertise in cargo handling. Efficienct for the cargo handling is a major feature in order to utilize the best transport alternative for each segment in a transport chain. Fast and efficient cargo handling reduces the time in port which reduces the required speed of the ship which in turn reduces fuel consumption, cost and emissions.

In the NOVIMAR project ScandiNAOS will contribute with relevant ship design and develop systems for reduced manning and more efficient cargo handling technology. The NOVIMAR consortium provides ScandiNAOS an opportunity to work together with world class companies representing operators, universities, classifications societies etc. The mix of qualified individuals representing these partners constitutes a true critical mass of competence that enables relevant and efficient development.”

- Bengt Ramne, Managing director