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The department of Transport and Regional Economics (TPR) is one out of seven departments of the Faculty of Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp. Within the Faculty, TPR carries out research, teaching and scientific service tasks in the realm of transport and regional economics. Meaningful and authoritative research into transport and spatial planning however requires a global understanding of the issues at hand. Acquiring and disseminating such comprehensive insight on current challenges in the transport field has always been the purpose of TPR. For this reason, the research projects pursued by the members of TPR cover contemporary business topics, current and prospective public policy issues and broader macroeconomic related questions in the transport and regional economics fields. With respect to teaching, the department organizes a Major in Transportation and Logistics, embedded in the Master programs Business Administration + Business Engineering and a specialized master program within C-MAT (Centre for Maritime and Air Transport Management).

“Novimar introduces the innovative concept of vessel trains aiming to improve the maritime and IW transportation in terms of new business concepts, logistics flexibility, technology, safety, environmental emissions and labor costs.”

- Edwin van Hassel, Post-doc researcher