University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Kraljice Marije 16
11120 Belgrade 35
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Department of Naval Architecture (founded in 1948) is one of the 24 departments of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade. Besides its basic activity (higher education), the Department of Naval Architecture has a long and renowned tradition in applying its research to various practical problems of shipbuilding and marine engineering.

The milestones of the Department’s seven decades history include: introduction of push-boat technology on the Danube; design of dredgers, floating cranes, push-boats and self-propelled vessels; development of the Danube container vessel and IWT Ro-Ro technology; development of risk-based ship stability regulations, etc.

The Department participated in a range of national and European R&D projects focusing on increasing safety, energy-efficiency and environmental friendliness of seagoing ships and inland vessels. Specific problems related to navigation in shallow and restricted waters and practical issues associated with design and construction of inland vessels in general, have always been in focus of the Department.

“NOVIMAR strives to increase the efficiency of inland navigation by introducing the Vessel Train, a specific concept of autonomous sailing. Within NOVIMAR, University of Belgrade provides its experience with ship design and seeks to expand its knowledge on the safety and efficiency of ships when sailing in the Vessel Train.”

- Igor Bačkalov, Associate Professor Naval Architecture