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Further expansion of the Stakeholder Community

17 June 2019

Recently the NOVIMAR-team has had the pleasure to welcome new stakeholders to the Vessel Train-community. With the project running midways, fresh insights were gained while meeting with professionals from the maritime and insurance industry.

Amongst the new additions to the stakeholder group are prominent sector organisations BLN-Schuttevaer, CBRB and NVB representing thousands of shipowners and a significant amount of inland ports. IVR, represented by the Shipowners Club, was willing to share perspectives on the innovative transport concept from an insurance point of view. This led to fruitful discussions with, amongst others, the CCNR. Also Contargo was willing to share their comments on the business case options for the leader vessel/automated follower vessels-concept identified so far.

Practical input from stakeholders are a welcome and much appreciated addition to the research carried out so far by the NOVIMAR development team. Constructive feedback received by the Stakeholder Community Members have a decisive and positive effect on the quality of the project outcomes.

In November a dedicated workshop will be organized in Brussels with the ambition to draw a plan for market uptake for the Vessel Train concept. Interested parties who are interested to participate can obtain more information by contacting Erwin van der Linden (SPB) at